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  • November

    Mustang Message: Grandparents & Special Friends Day Edition

    By Dr. Jeffrey L. Mitchell, Head of School
    Grandparents and Special Friends Day is another reason to celebrate who we are. Today, we were so glad to share a sliver of the Currey Ingram way today with over 550 grandparents and special friends.

    My mother, stepfather and brother are all in town for Thanksgiving and fortunately experienced Grandparents Day at CIA, as well. They were astounded, and I was glad they got to see the school. It is always valuable to take a step back and view your experience through the eyes of another to appreciate the full impact. I cannot begin to describe how proud I am to be part of this wonderful school and the great people who make it what it is.
    Without question, Currey Ingram’s grandparents play a special role in the educational lives of their grandchildren. The learning challenges our students face place a strain on our families, and often grandparents step in and help. We know that so much of what we accomplish is a result of our grandparent community.
    I mentioned in my speech today that grandparents and special friends would experience a truly state-of-the-art school. They would see many things (e.g., use of technology, use of a whiteboard instead of a chalkboard) that are just not the same as when they went to school. But I assured them that the most important and fundamental things we do, in fact, are aligned with what every wise grandparent knows to be true.
    For example, I mentioned that just like when they went to school, an educational experience is only as good as the people delivering that experience. Thus, despite the wondrous facilities and the outstanding resources at Currey Ingram, our students love this school because of the phenomenal people that work here.
    I also noted that Currey Ingram provides a setting for students to be themselves. This is a school that yells from the mountain tops...it’s okay to be you. In fact, we find our students and meet them where they are and then figure out the education that they need to be successful. Next to parents, who better than grandparents to appreciate the impact of this approach.
    Grandparents also might tell you that a great education still starts with the “three r’s”... reading, writing and arithmetic. We agree. It’s just that at Currey Ingram teaching the “three r’s” is individualized. Students experience instruction in a way that suits them.
    As grandparents experienced the day, they quickly got a sense of both why their grandchildren love the school and why their grandchildren are so successful. During the ceremony in the Frist Gym, students from all Divisions sang their hearts out for their grandparents, bringing many, including me, to tears. Board member and CIA grandparent Pat Riley spoke from a grandparent’s perspective. Upper School teacher Sean Kelly put together a wonderful Meet Our Students video compilation that took us into the lives of seven CIA families. And, alumni speaker Franklin Pargh (WSN ‘99) spoke of his transformative experience as a student at Westminster School of Nashville (the original name of our school). He also reminded students to be truly thankful for their Currey Ingram education and to seek opportunities in life.
    As I visited each Division after the ceremony, I saw the students, teachers and administrative teams doing a wonderful job of engaging our visitors. Along with so much more, Upper School grandparents and special friends experienced science experiments, music recording and the ABCs of college counseling. Middle School students and their visitors created family quilt squares and toured their classes. In the Lower School, grandparents and special friends enjoyed shadow puppetry, a simple machines fair, Strengths & Talents displays, classroom activities and more. What a joy it is to share the talent and passion of our students and faculty.
    To all CIA family members: If you are traveling this break, please be safe. Please also enjoy your family time and say a little something extra special to your parents, grandparents and special friends who make your life and your children’s lives so rich.
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  • Important CIPO News and Events

    By Heather Loden, CIPO President, 2015-16
    Celebration of the Arts Date Change
    Please note a date change for the school's only major fundraising event, Celebration of the Arts 2016. The new date is Friday, March 11, 2016. Please plan to attend. We will be in touch soon with news about our entertainment, auctions and more. As a reminder, if you have auction items to donate, please contact Jenny Thayer at

    Moms' Holiday Mingle on Dec. 3
    We hope to see you at the upcoming Moms' Holiday Mingle on Dec. 3. Click here to register. Details are below. This is a fun, casual evening for all CIA moms and female guardians of CIA students. Please join us!
    When: Thursday, Dec. 3, 6-8:30 p.m.
    Where: 716 Lynnwood Blvd., Nashville, Tn 37205
    Cost: $10 per person. Register here.
    The home of LS parent Jordan Thompson
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  • Cherrie Farnette Lunch & Learn: Worry Warts, Scaredy Cats and Chicken Littles, Oh My! Understanding and Intervening in Anxiety in Children

    Presenters: Dr. Allison Bender & Ms. Jennifer Seay
    Tuesday, December 1, 2015
    12-1:30 p.m.
    Click here to register.
    Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health diagnoses in children. This presentation will discuss symptoms of various anxiety disorders and will cover how to distinguish between “normal” anxiety and characteristics in need of intervention. Strategies that parents, teachers, and other adults in the child’s life can use to help children cope with and overcome anxiety will be presented. These will include behavioral and cognitive techniques such as relaxation exercises and thought restructuring.
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  • September

    Watch Uchida's Website for Your Child's Photos!

    By Laura Braam, Director of Communications
    Parents - It's time to bookmark the Uchida Photography website and check periodically for photos you may want to order. Call Uchida at (615) 662-0706 with any questions. Uchida provides CIA with no-cost photography to support our yearbook and other publications. The school does not benefit financially from your purchase of Uchida photos; it is purely up to you to buy. Here you will find sports team and individual shots (fall sports are up now), special event photos, and your child's individual and class "yearbook" photos (you will be provided with order forms for these). Uchida also takes senior tux and drape and casual portraits. Your username is your email. The password is ciaevents. Enjoy!
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