7:35 - 7:55 a.m.
There will be no early care for the first semester.
Students will proceed to their classrooms.
Each Division will provide additional details about arrival protocols.

Times are staggered due to physical distance protocols. Please check the Division handbooks for details.

Major Dates

Please click here to access the updated Major Dates Calendar for the 2020-2021 school year. This calendar applies to events impacting the entire school. The website calendar lists the additional days that students do not report due to Lower School, Middle School or Upper School conferences or faculty workdays. You can access the website calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the top right corner of the Currey Ingram home page, (Revised August 12, 2020)


New uniforms can be purchased at Mills Uniform Company, 204 Ward Circle in Brentwood or online at with school code 3812. Note: Due to COVID-19, the Mills Uniform Company store is only open by appointments or curbside pickup. 



The on-campus protocols for students and families reflect a commitment to the health and safety of our School community while also maintaining the integrity of our mission. Specific protocols will be reviewed with both parents and students in the beginning of the year conferences.  In addition, students will trained in the protocols during the first few days of school. Additional details can be found in the COVID-19 Addendums in each Division handbook (below).

List of 13 items.


    Screening: Each parent / guardian must complete a health screening and temperature check of their student by 7 a.m. Monday through Friday using the school’s Magnus Health App. (Make sure you have downloaded and signed in to Magnus COVID-19 Health Screening App). Please submit results before leaving home for school. Each Division will have a list of students who can be admitted for that day. Students will not be allowed into the building until our records indicate that the daily temperature check and screening has been completed.

    School supplies: Make sure you have packed all your school supplies for the day, including:
    • A clean face covering to wear and a face covering as a backup. Faces masks must cover nose and mouth at all times when student is wearing it.
    • A labeled brown paper bag or breathable container for face masks. If using a face shield, make sure your student's name is on the shield. Please provide a bag (plastic bag is fine) to store your child’s face shield when not in use.
    • A refillable water bottle labeled with the student's first and last name.
    Wash your hands before leaving home.

    1. All students must be wearing face coverings before exiting their cars. If wearing masks, the student's nose and mouth must be completely covered.
    2. Practice physical distancing: Please refrain from hugs, fist-bumps, high-fives, or touching others. 
    3. Lower School students: Lower School students will arrive between 7:35 - 7:55 a.m. Students will proceed straight to his / her homeroom classroom. Students will unpack his / her backpack in their assigned cubby and then wash their hands. Students will then sit at his / her assigned desk.
    4. Middle School students: All Middle School students will arrive between 7:35 - 7:55 a.m. and will get sanitizer at the door. Students in grades 5 and 6 will store their belongings in their advisory rooms. Students in grades 7 and 8 will first store their belongings in their lockers and then proceed to their advisory rooms.
    5. Upper School students: To eliminate the clustering of students, all Upper school students should arrive between 7:35 - 7:55 a.m. Upon arrival, students will use the hand sanitizer provided at the front of the building or should wash their hands as soon as they arrive, go to their locker, and then proceed to their mentoring class. At least for the first semester, no gatherings in the Common Areas will be permitted. 
    6. Students who arrive at Currey Ingram by bus should follow the same protocols as if arriving by car.

    • When athletics resume, Middle School students will be picked up in the Middle School by sport.  
    • Upper School student-athletes will come to the Field House at dismissal.
    • Physical distancing and face coverings will be required when not participating in athletic practices or games, and during transitions.
    • Numbers will be limited, when possible and necessary.
    • Use of locker rooms: The use of lockers will be like the use of bathrooms. Students must keep face coverings on and practice physical distancing. 
    • Teams will avoid huddles, handshake lines, high fives, etc.
    • Student-athletes will be required to provide their own water bottle labeled with first and last name. Athletes must bring their own towel.
    • Equipment sharing will be limited, where possible.  Equipment will be cleaned between uses.
    • For practices, parents and guardians should remain in their cars and pick up students in a carline outside the Field House (same as previous years). Student-athletes will have a staggered release of practices when needed.  Students waiting at the Field House for rides will practice physical distancing. Parents will refer to their student-athlete's practice schedule for details. 
    • Students riding school transportation to games will practice distancing and wear a face covering. Fall sports will not travel.
    • In the Student-Athlete Leadership and Success Center, furniture has been rearranged for social distancing and should not be moved.

    • We will use small individual groups of 9-10 students with 1-2 Boost counselors that we will refer to as PODS.
    • All groups will be isolated from one another and will not intermingle throughout the program.
    • Students must be signed up for specific days of Boost (20 students for Lower School and 14 students for Middle School).
    • Each student will be given an individual container to store their daily belongings (backpack and belongings).
    • All Boost staff will wear face shields or masks while indoors and outdoors in case they need to get closer than six feet from a child.
    • Boost staff will need to complete the Magnus health screening through the app before coming to work.
    • Students will immediately have to wash their hands when arriving at Boost. They will wash their hands before eating snacks and after. Handwashing or use of hand sanitizer will continue to occur throughout the program.
    • Snacks will be provided in individual servings.
    • Students will have individual supply kits (pencils, markers, etc.) labeled with their names so they can complete their nightly homework.
    • If two students are playing a game together they will maintain six feet apart, wear a face shield or mask, and wash their hands before and after playing.
    • When possible the sharing of materials will be used by one student in the group and sanitized after each group. If items must be shared, items will be sanitized after each use. 
    • Activities will occur outside when possible and as weather permits.
    • If a child starts to exhibit COVID symptoms, he/she will be isolated from the group, and the school nurse will be contacted for further evaluation 
    • Parents will pick up children outside the building. Parents will call the program to let them know of their arrival and the child(ren) will be escorted out of the building. A staff member will conduct the sign in and sign out. 
    • Daily disinfecting of toys and materials will occur.
    • Boost counselors will be assigned the same walkie number for use each day, and walkies will be wiped down nightly.

    • Students must register via the Magnus Health Portal.
    • Limited to eight riders per day (25% capacity).
    • Students must wear face coverings.
    • Students will be assigned seats on the bus.
    • The bus will be sanitized in the morning after drop off and the afternoon after drop off.

    • Students will be dismissed in staggered times.
    • Families should arrive during their students’ dismissal time. Please check your student’s Division Handbook for dismissal times.
    • Lower School students in front of the Ingram Halll
    • Middle School students in front of Eskind Hall
    • Upper School students in front of Jim and Jan Carell Hall.
    • Lower School and Middle School bus riders will be escorted to the bus in Magnolia Circle. Upper School students will be dismissed to walk down to the bus.
    • Parents should remain in their cars and drive up to the Division entrance.
    • Once students are in their cars, they may remove their face coverings.
    • Upper School student drivers may remove their face coverings once they are in their cars.

    The School requires all students, faculty, and staff to wear face coverings (cloth mask or face shield) while on campus in accordance with guidance outlined by local health officials and the School’s Medical Advisory Group. Starting Monday, August 17, bandanas and gaiters will not be allowed.

    We view these coverings as an important way to support mitigation efforts, slow the impact of the virus on our community, and protect each other. 
    Research has shown that face masks with a filter are the safest. When wearing a face mask, the mask must cover the student’s nose and mouth at all times.

    In addition, we believe by offering the option of a face shield, we can continue to support students who need the full visibility of facial expressions to help with the development of language skills and/or understanding social cues. 

    If a student arrives late to school:
    1. Parent/guardian drives to the Division entrance
    2. Calls the office
    3. A staff member will come out to greet and check in the student. The staff member will bring the student into the building.
    4. The student must have completed the daily temperatre check and health screening and be wearing a face covering.

    1. The parents/guardians should email or call the school in advance if a student will leave prior to dismissal. 
    2. The parent/guardian should drive up to the Division entrance and call the office.
    3. A staff member will bring the student out to the car and sign out the student.

    Anyone who has a temperature of 100°F or exhibits symptoms will not be allowed to attend School, and it is recommended the individual be tested for COVID-19. If someone tests positive for the coronavirus, the individual will not allowed to return to School until the following have been met:
    • 48 hours without a fever (and rash) and
    • Symptoms have improved and
    • 10 days since symptoms first appeared or test was administered and
    • Assessment of whether the individual is safe to be back at school by a licensed medical professional (MD, DO, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant under the supervision of a doctor).

    • Students will follow a “clean in/clean out” system, in which they utilize a hand sanitizer station (located at each entrance/exit) immediately upon entering the building and as they exit.
    • Students who live on campus will not be required to wear a mask/face covering once inside the dormitory; however, they will abide by all other face covering-specific protocols and procedures when outside the residence hall (both on campus and in the community).
    • Students and/or Residential Life staff will see to a frequent and thorough cleaning of reusable masks/face coverings.
    • Day students who have been cleared to attend school are permitted to join any scheduled Residential Life event that takes place outside of the dormitory as long as they have not left campus that day and are not exhibiting symptoms connected to COVID-19. This may involve an additional temperature check before joining the activity.
    • No visitors (including family members) will be allowed within the residence hall after orientation/move-in unless properly cleared and approved by school administration and Residential Life staff until otherwise noted.
    • Boarding students will undergo a daily health screening by a member of the Residential Life Staff to ensure they are cleared to attend in-person classes. This information will be shared with the Upper School office each day.
    • In the case of a positive test of any student or staff member living on campus, all persons living in the residence hall will be subject to symptom monitoring, contact tracing, and/or a quarantine period.
    • Students are able to sign-out if and when approved by all parties involved (Residential Life staff, parent/guardian, etc.); however, students will undergo a health screening upon re-entering the dorm. If the student exhibits conditions which bring his/her health into question, they will be quarantined in their room and their symptoms will be monitored for subsequent days.

    Students who have the following symptoms -- fever (100 degrees or higher), cough, trouble breathing, sore throat, belly pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, dizziness, or just doesn't feel well must be evaluated and cleared by a medical professional before the student can return to school. A physician’s note is required for a student to return to school.

    If a family member is sick, but my child has no symptoms, can they attend school?
    Students may only return to campus when a medical professional has ruled that the sick family member’s illness is not contagious. Keep your children home until you talk to your doctor. If the doctor thinks the family member’s symptoms could be COVID-19, everyone in the household should stay home until testing is done or symptoms are gone. A physician’s note is required for students to return to school. 

    Implementing this process will increase the likelihood that more students are on campus for longer periods of time.

    To minimize the the spread of COVID-19, maintain a healthy school environment, and minimize risk for our students, faculty, staff, and our entire community parents and guests will not be allowed at lunch for first semester.

    In addition, we will limit the number, time, and location of parent volunteers on campus for first semester.

    All visitors are required to check in at Frist Hall and fill out a health screening form prior to arrival on campus. 


Using Magnus's secure web portal, parents/guardians complete a VHR (vital health record) for each student. These forms must be completed before your conference or before the first day of school, whichever is sooner. Click here to access the instruction page.

Downloading the Magnus Health Screening App

All families MUST download and log into the Magnus app by 7 a.m. daily when school is in session to complete the temperature check and health screening survey for their student.
1. On the app, click on COVID-19 circle. It will say "Requirements Incomplete." Click on these words.
2. Complete health survey and temp screening. Submit.
3. If your child can attend school after completing the survey, you will see a green Go circle at the top of the screen.
1. Log in to MY CIA.
2. Click on the orange Magnus Health box.
3. On your profile page, click on Change Credentials. You will be asked to update your Username and Password. These credentials (new username and password) will be what you use to log into the App daily.
4. On your smartphone go to the App Store or Play Store depending on your phone. Search and download the Magnus Mobile V2 app.
5. Open and log in with you new credentials (username and password).
6. You will see the COVID-19 circle at the bottom. (Note: The app does not save your username and password due to medical reasons. You will need to log in every morning.)
7. Every morning, click on the COVID-19 circle by 7 a.m. It will say "Requirements Incomplete." Click on these words.
8. Complete health survey and temp screening. Submit.
9. If your child can attend school after completing the survey, you will see a green Go circle at the top of the screen.
If you have questions, reach out to your Division's administrative assistants or email
To view detailed instructions with screenshots on how to download the Magnus app, please click here. 
NOTE: If you have other children in other schools using the Magnus Mobile V2 App, you will have a different username and password for each child. 


  • Back-to-School forms will be posted in MY CIA in late July. Look for separate communication and instructions soon.
August 7, 10, 11: Back-to-school conferences
August 10: First day for school. Noon dismissal. No lunch or aftercare.
August 11: Half day of school. Noon dismissal. No lunch or aftercare.
August 12: Full day of school but Wednesday dismissal time at 2 p.m. Bus service and Aftercare (Boost) will be offered.
August 13-14: Full day of school with regular dismissal.


Handbook and COVID-19 Addendum

Uniform Guidelines
Dress code for Lower Schoolclick here.


Handbook and COVID-19 Addendum

Uniform Guidelines
Dress code for Middle School, click here.

Supply List for Middle School
Students are responsible for purchasing:
  • 3-ring binder (2-inch)
  • Pencil pouch
  • Pencils
  • Notebook paper
  • Headphones (not wireless)
  • Athletic shoes for P.E.
  • P.E. clothes (Grades 7 & 8)
  • Face covering


Handbooks and COVID-19 Addendum

Uniform Guidelines
Dress code for Upper School, click here.

Upper School Supplies
Click here to download the supply list.

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