Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Gaume '10

Meet Sarah Gaume. Sarah was a student at CIA from 2008-2010. Sarah graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and is now employed with Glow Motion Technologies. She was this year's alumni speaker at Grandparents & Special Friends Day. Click here to read more about Sarah Gaume.
When did you attend Currey Ingram Academy?
I began CIA in January 2008 and graduated in 2010. I came to CIA to help manage my ADHD and for organizational strategies.

What is your most memorable experience from WSN?
I was involved in the rock band, video yearbook and theater. My most memorable experience is Mr. Kelly’s videography class because it allowed me to be creative while working towards a more long-term goal such as developing a career.

Please elaborate on your academic experiences after Currey Ingram.
At Currey Ingram, my academic standing improved, and I developed better social skills as well. Before I attended, I never did my homework, and I was very shy. Currey Ingram showed me how to get organized through one-on-one attention from teachers. They also showed me the benefits of actually doing my homework and showed me how homework completion will prepare you for new things coming up. I started developing good homework habits and a better overall work ethic.

Where did you enroll in college? When did you graduate, and what was your major?
After graduation in 2010, I attended Middle Tennessee State University. I majored in Radio, Television Production, and Video Production, and I minored in Theater. After graduation this past May 2014, I got a job at Glow Motion Technologies as Operations Manager and Tech Assistant.

What has been the most interesting and exciting thing you’ve done thus far in your life?
The most interesting and exciting thing I’ve done so far is excel in my job. I am the only person out of a group of people who has stayed with this company and got promoted very quickly. The perseverance, organizational skills and work ethic that I developed at Currey Ingram are major reasons for my career success thus far.

I was a Glow Motion representative on the Hunter Hayes tour. In addition, I’ve worked on shows with country music legend Garth Brooks and electronic dance music producer Skrillex. I am currently Operations Manager at our warehouse headquarters. I plan to stay with the company but extend my reach to other companies by marketing my digital video skills.

What is one piece of advice you would give to current Currey Ingram students and families?
I know many students come through these halls with challenges like mine, and I have a piece of advice for them: don’t give up because that is the worst thing you can do. You have resources here you can use and people who are more than willing to help. This is a very special place and you have more to learn. The advice I have for parents is to be patient and to be supportive. Your children will achieve their goals with the help of this very special place.

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