Annette Eskind Institute of Learning


Welcome to the Annette Eskind Institute of Learning at Currey Ingram Academy. For 15 years, Currey Ingram Academy has partnered with parents, families and professionals through our community education program, first called PACES (Parents and Community Educational Supports) and then changed to FACES (Family and Community Educational Supports) to broaden its focus. This is a cornerstone of our mission. Each year, we offer sessions on a variety of topics to help participants better understand child and adolescent development and how children learn. The majority of sessions are led by Currey Ingram Academy experts; however, for medical topics, we work with local experts and in some cases national experts.

Annette Eskind has supported parent and professional education at Currey Ingram and throughout the Nashville community in a number of ways. For years, she has supported the mission of Currey Ingram Academy and even made the initial gift to the Professional Development Fund in 1999 that has allowed Currey Ingram professionals the opportunity to stay on the cutting-edge of education and to provide students with the best evidence-based interventions. The Annette Eskind Institute of Learning at Currey Ingram Academy is a tribute to a woman who has done much to help many.

You are invited to attend any and all sessions, so please, mark your calendar.  We offer three separate series on the Currey Ingram Academy campus: Books & Breakfasts, Cherrie Farnette Lunch & Learn Series, and Evening Sessions. In addition to the on campus sessions, we offer a host of sessions at other educational facilities.  

Our event calendar is below. As speakers allow, we will also post videos of our sessions here. Please register to attend our sessions, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at Annette Eskind Institute of Learning sessions this year.
AEIOL Calendar At A Glance 2014-15
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