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Currey Ingram Academy is an exemplary K-12 school for students with learning differences. Through evidence-based instruction, small classes and exceptionally trained faculty, we meet students where they are and help them grow into who they are meant to be. If your child has average to superior intelligence but is not reaching his or her fullest potential in a traditional classroom, look closely at Currey Ingram Academy.

Thank you for your interest in Currey Ingram Academy. We are so glad you are here. Currey Ingram Academy is a K-12, independent, college-preparatory school for students with learning differences. Some of our students have diagnoses such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, twice exceptional, executive function and/or processing speeds deficits, and others simply thrive best in a smaller, more personalized setting.


Currey Ingram Academy was founded as Westminster School of Nashville in 1968 and was housed in Westminster Presbyterian Church for 34 years.

Thanks to a lead gift from alumni parents Stephanie Currey Ingram and John Rivers Ingram, the school moved to its current 83-acre campus in 2002.

In recent years, students have enrolled from more than 33 states and eight foreign countries, their families citing Currey Ingram Academy as a major reason for their move to Middle Tennessee.

Welcome from Head of School

At Currey Ingram Academy we settle for nothing less than being a global leader for students with learning differences. By promoting strengths and supporting differences, our students receive the education they truly deserve.
To ensure this occurs:

  • We place every student at the center of their own educational experience.
  • We ask how we can do better. We do not ask why the students can’t be better.
  • We provide success opportunities and communicate in every manner possible how students are being successful.
  • Athletics, arts, service learning and the sophisticated integration of technology, all support the core academic program.
  • If something is not working, we consult the evidence to determine what will work.
  • Moreover, our team of educators has the credentials and the passion to deliver on the promise that is our mission. 

On the tide of our 50th year as a school for students with learning differences, come discover what one parent in a recent email wrote...Currey Ingram has forever changed our lives. All our precious daughter needed was a place that understood who she was...it was clear from the first visit, Currey Ingram was such a place.
"Most amazing, compassionate, attention to detail and your child. Customized learning plans for every student. Above and beyond any school I have seen. I had to fight for anything I needed for my son at his last school. CIA let's me know what he needs. All schools should teach like CIA." - Angela Garner

"You will not find any school that works so compassionately to help individual students achieve success and tackle learning differences."
- Jayson Maynard

"Currey Ingram is the premier private school for children with learning differences in the country. It's why I moved to Nashville." - Anonymous parent testimonial from 2020-21 school survey

"We are so thankful for this school and knowing that my child is safe, happy and learning new things everyday gives us such comfort during these unprecedented times." - Anonymous parent testimonial from 2020-21 school survey

"The best, individualized learning experience in the world." - Anonymous parent testimonial from 2020-21 school survey

"Currey Ingram is the best decision that we have ever made for a child. It has been life changing." - Anonymous parent testimonial from 2020-21 school survey

"Everything we need for our child is under one roof. A place we trust for our child's social, emotional and academic learning. A place where our child is thriving. Best decision we ever made for our child." - Anonymous parent testimonial from 2020-21 school survey

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    A Dyslexia boarding school, Currey Ingram Academy is committed to becoming the global leader for students with learning differences. Through evidence-based instruction, small classes, and exceptionally trained faculty, we meet students where they are and help them grow into who they are meant to be.

    Currey Ingram Academy 6544 Murray Ln, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States
    Phone Number: (615) 507-3242
    Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm

    Brentwood, Tennessee is a small town located just south of Nashville. It is known for its affluent neighborhoods, excellent schools, and high quality of life. One of the defining features of Brentwood is Currey Ingram Academy, a private school that is considered one of the best in the state.
    Currey Ingram Academy is a co-educational school for students in grades K-12. The school was founded in 1968 and has a long history of academic excellence. The school's mission is to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.
    Currey Ingram Academy offers a wide range of academic programs, including a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, specialized programs for students with learning differences, and a strong arts program. The school also has a focus on character education and offers a variety of extracurricular activities to help students develop leadership skills and engage with their community.
    One of the unique features of Currey Ingram Academy is its commitment to supporting students with learning differences. The school has a specialized program called the Frist Learning Center, which provides individualized support to students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning challenges. This program is staffed by trained professionals who work closely with students to help them overcome their challenges and achieve academic success.

    Driving Directions to Brentwood TN from Nashville International Airport:
    Continue to I-40 W 6 min (2.2 mi)
    Take I-440 W and US-431 S to Murray Ln in Williamson County 23 min (15.9 mi)
    Continue on Murray Ln to your destination 3 min (1.1 mi)

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Currey Ingram Academy is an exemplary PreK-12 day and boarding school that empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential. Since 2002, the school has been located on an 83-acre campus in Brentwood, Tennessee, just miles from Nashville and Franklin. Families from 33 states and eight countries cite the school as their primary reason for moving to Middle Tennessee.

Currey Ingram Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and AdvancEd/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).