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Episode 48 - IDEA Center
Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher invite three Currey Ingram students to discuss our exciting and upcoming IDEA Center. Grounded in the principles of Ingenuity, Design, Exploration, and Application, the IDEA Center represents an exciting opportunity for all our students. Listen to our students share the invaluable benefits of experiential learning.

Episode 47

Episode 47 - AI & Learning Differences
For this episode, Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher sit down with Michael Follis, Middle School Assistant Division Head at Currey Ingram Academy, to discuss the impact of AI on education, specifically as it relates to students with learning differences. Together, they explore how Currey Ingram is approaching the current era of artificial intelligence. Specifically, they discuss how AI can transform learning for individuals with diverse needs, along with the unique role Currey Ingram plays in vetting the "wild west" of AI technologies.

Episode 46

Episode 46 - EF Challenges: Task Avoidance, Rigidity, and Inflexibility
Stephanie Johnson, Lower School Instructional Coach at Currey Ingram Academy, joins Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher in a conversation diving into executive functioning (EF) skills, focusing on task avoidance, rigidity, and inflexibility. Tune in to hear about the nuances of EF skills, the concept of an EF "fuel tank," and the importance of adopting a solutions-focused approach. By expanding our insights into EF, we enhance our ability to tailor student support effectively.

Episode 45

Episode 45 - Resolutions: Sustainability, Strategic Growth, and Forward-Thinking
It has become a tradition for Currey Ingram Conversations to revisit their annual New Year's Resolutions. Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher take a moment to reflect on last year's goals and unveil the priorities for 2024. There is no shortage of endeavors to keep Currey Ingram focused on the future. Tune in to discover how the resolutions remain aligned with sustainability, strategic growth, and forward-thinking.

Episode 44

Episode 44 - Building Community within the Math Classroom
Can community be cultivated within a math classroom? Absolutely! Listen as Dr. Isaac Nichols-Paez, an esteemed Upper School math teacher at Currey Ingram Academy, discusses his recent doctoral achievement with co-hosts Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher. During this engaging conversation, Dr. Nichols-Paez highlights how community learning can be instrumental in mathematical development. He emphasizes the value of elevating experiences within math class so all student skills and abilities can be celebrated, challenged, and supported.

Episode 43

Episode 43 - Growing IDEAs
Co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher kick off the 2023-24 school year with Kelly Fish, Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives. All three leaders chime in on Currey Ingram Academy's theme of “Growing IDEAs.” Listen and hear how growing is essential to a school for students with learning differences and how growth occurs by going through it, dreaming big, being adaptive, embracing flexibility, and envisioning possibilities.

Episode 42

Episode 42 - Summer Reading Should Allow Choice
Summer reading should be about choice, whether it is a choice of topic or format. Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher sit with Ginann Franklin to explore summer reading books and options. Hear Dr. Mitchell provide recommended books for leaders and parents, and listen to Courtney and Ginann discuss the value of audiobooks and graphic novels, especially as format styles for students with learning differences.

Episode 41

Episode 41 - Summer Camp Experiences
Summer camps provide a time to build skills and reduce learning loss, especially for students with learning differences.  Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher sit down with Dr. Regan Humphrey, Currey Ingram’s Director of Program Outreach, and Luke Brown, Currey Ingram’s Director of Summer Programs, to discuss Currey Ingram’s summer camp experiences. They discuss the value of both experiential and intensive camp offerings.

Episode 40

Episode 40 - The New Parent’s Journey: Worth Every Penny
You don’t want to miss Dr. Jeff Mitchell’s and Courtney Gallaher’s conversations with Laura Tutt and Kenda Lovecchio, who share their first-year experiences as parents of children at Currey Ingram Academy. Both Laura and Kenda moved their family from out-of-state for their child to attend Currey Ingram. Listen as they tell how they have been surprised by the level of support given to parents, how their child has not only grown but thrived, and how they both can say Currey Ingram Academy is “worth every penny.”

Episode 39

Episode 39 - The Value of an Individualized Admissions Process
Co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher invite Dolly Roach, Director of Admissions at Currey Ingram Academy, to discuss the admissions process. Currey Ingram’s admissions starts with holding true to the school's mission while providing an individualized process for each family. Listen to how Currey Ingram’s admissions team provides a personalized experience that understands the depth of learning differences, seeks to know each applicant well, and invests in each family to ensure a comprehensive admissions process is provided. An individualized admissions approach is just one of the many ways Currey Ingram Academy goes above and beyond to support students with learning differences.

Episode 38

Episode 38 - Love of Learning
Learning differences can make the process of learning a challenge. So, when students with learning differences proclaim why they love learning, it holds value. Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher ask Currey Ingram Academy students why they love learning. Join us to listen to what the students are saying and why a school's focus on students with learning differences is invaluable. 

Episode 37

Episode 37 - The Value of Perseverance
Reggie D. Ford persevered against so many odds in his life. The values he gained on his journey were shared with Currey Ingram Academy’s staff and students in January to start the new semester. Co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher invite Currey Ingram Academy’s Athletic Director Reid McFadden and Upper School student Alexander McClory to share their reflections on Reggie D. Ford’s presentation. Listen and hear how educational environments should inspire change, create safe spaces, embrace vulnerability, and cultivate continued growth. 

Episode 36

Episode 36 - Resolutions: It is all worth it!
Currey Ingram Academy's leaders are still holding strong with meeting their annual resolutions. Listen to co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher reflect on the goals from 2022 as well as provide their aspirations for 2023. You will also hear Lower School students share their resolutions, get an update on the Division Head's success with their goals from 2022, and be encouraged by what our parents are saying. Overall, Dr. Mitchell and Courtney agree that life is never boring, and it is all worth it! 

Episode 35

Episode 35 - The Value of Puzzles for Students with Learning Differences
What are your thoughts on jigsaw puzzles? Currey Ingram leaders find them to be extremely valuable...and educational! Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher invite Lower School Assistant Division Head, Catherine Thomson, and Lower School student, Baylor Burk, to discuss the value of a good jigsaw puzzle. Listen and find out why we find them to be meaningful as well as how they can be helpful for students with learning differences.

Episode 34

Episode 34 - The Value of Serving Students with Learning Differences
Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher welcome educational leaders from Spring Valley School in Birmingham, Ala. to share their experiences about educating students with learning differences. Hear them speak into the value of a school that is focused solely on serving students with learning differences. They share meaningful stories, discuss the value of vulnerability in education, and express the joy of creating a safe learning environment for students. Spring Valley says it well when they say “a school is not just a building, it is what is inside.” We enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow LD professionals and know you will, too. 

Episode 33

Episode 33 - What Is a Learning Difference?
Trying to define a learning difference is complex. Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher sit down with Currey Ingram Academy Division leaders, Dr. Barton (Lower School), Mary Ragsdale (Middle School), and Dr. Clodfelter (Upper School) to dive into the concept of what a learning difference truly is.  Listen as they discuss the difference between formal diagnosed learning disabilities and learning differences that impact academic development. There is valuable insight for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of learning differences. 

Episode 32

Episode 32 - Raising Healthy Children in Challenging Times
Listen as co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher engage in conversation with Currey Ingram parents Macy Keen and Stephanie Korn. They come together to share their reflections on Currey Ingram's Back to School Event with Rob Evans about raising healthy children in challenging times. A few highlights include the encouragement for parents to step back, the value of quality time, the beauty of hard moments, and that kids are more resilient than we think.  

Episode 31

Episode 31 - We Can!
Join co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher as they kick off the year with Kelly Fish to talk about Currey Ingram Academy’s 22-23 school year theme, “We Can!” Earlier this year, Kelly Fish was promoted from Currey Ingram’s Athletic Director to Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Strategic Initiatives, and she played a pivotal role in creating the "We Can!" theme. Listen to all three Currey Ingram leaders talk about the upcoming school year, share what “We Can!” really means, and dive into the value of having an all-school goal for everyone to rally around and support in everything we do.  

Episode 30

Episode 30 - The Bays' Currey Ingram Journey
Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher sit down for the first time with long-standing Currey Ingram parents, Jennifer and Greg Bays. The Bays open up and share their unique story of being parents of two Currey Ingram students, Joey and Theo. Listen as they share their unique journey to choosing Currey Ingram and how Currey Ingram has guided, supported and blessed not only their children, but their family.  

Episode 29

Episode 29 - College-Bound with Learning Differences
Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher meet up with Tara Miller, the Upper School Director of College and Career Counseling at Currey Ingram, to discuss all things college as they relate to students with learning differences (LDs). Listen and hear how “changemakers” are what colleges are seeking, how students with LDs need to turn the tables and interview prospective colleges, and how starting the college conversation early on in high school years can be valuable for students with LDs.  With the right support, students with LDs can definitely be college-bound! 

Episode 28

Episode 28 - Hidden Curriculum & New Resolutions
Listen to co-hosts, Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher, discuss the value of a school’s hidden curriculum. They will explain what hidden curriculum means and share real examples from Currey Ingram. In their conversation, hear how the hidden curriculum truly enhances the academic curriculum and educational experience. Finally, Dr. Mitchell and Division leaders, Dr. Danielle Barton, Mary Ragsdale and Jared Clodfelter, will each share their 2022 resolutions for Currey Ingram. 

Episode 27

Episode 27 - 2021 Resolutions: How Did Currey Ingram Fare? 
It has been said that 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. Not true with Currey Ingram Academy. In this podcast, co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher check in on the 2021 Currey Ingram resolutions.  Overall, Currey Ingram beat the norm, and each resolution achieved some level of success. Hear how Currey Ingram improved the affordability gap, how a teacher completed his novel, how the Upper School Dean of Students even conquered War and Peace, and more. Hopefully it provides you with just the inspiration you need to start 2022 on the right foot!

Episode 26

Episode 26 - Social Media: Supporting Students
Co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher dive into a conversation with Ginann Franklin, director of libraries and educational technology at Currey Ingram, about social media as it relates to students. They discuss everything from TikTok challenges, to being a social media creator, the importance of being a social media “upstander," and more issues affecting students today. Listen and find out how Currey Ingram promotes positive technology within the classroom, how we support student self-regulation, and what you can do at home to ensure your child uses social media in the smartest ways.

Episode 25

Episode 25 - Schools Should Be Intentional with Executive Functioning Development
Dr. Jeff Mitchell, Head of School at Currey Ingram Academy, states early on in this podcast episode that executive functioning (EF) is almost everything. Executive functioning is a significant component of an individual’s overall development and achievement. Listen to co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher have a conversation with Dr. Regan Humphrey about executive functioning in greater depth. They share their own personal EF strengths and weaknesses, provide a detailed definition of EF, speak into the connection between EF challenges and learning differences, and share the importance of knowing an individual's “executive functioning age.”  

Episode 24

Episode 24 - Lost Under the Radar: Girls with ADHD
It is well known that ADHD is more common in boys, but ADHD also significantly impacts girls. Understanding how ADHD manifests in females not only increases awareness, but also prevents girls from getting lost under the radar. Listen to co-hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher as they engage in conversation with Miranda Pool, the Frist Chair of Social-Emotional Learning at Currey Ingram Academy. They discuss the common symptoms of ADHD in girls, elaborate on emotional dysregulation, and even share how anxious compensations can develop in girls with ADHD.

Episode 23

Episode 23 - A Look Into the Strategic Initiatives of the 2021-22 School Year
Tune into this episode to hear how the right enrollment numbers enhance the school’s mission, how our staff’s professional development is critical to our school’s success, and how Currey Ingram looks to expand our community outreach beyond our campus. You will walk away with an understanding of how Currey Ingram is putting its vision and goals into practice. Listen to podcast co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher share the strategic initiatives for the 2021-22 school year. 

Episode 22

Episode 22 - Onward: Looking Ahead to the 2021-22 School Year
As Currey Ingram launches into a new school year, the mindset on campus is best encapsulated by the theme of “Onward.” Listen to podcast co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher discuss the meaning of "Onward," provide reasoning for the new COVID-19 protocols, and share how the past year has influenced the view for the new school year. The goal is to keep moving forward, acknowledge the past, and most importantly to always “do it together.”

Episode 21

Episode 21 - Reflecting on the 2020-21 School Year
No one could predict what the 2020-21 school year would hold. In this episode, podcast co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher reflect on the past school year and discuss the impact the pandemic had on independent schools nationally, and within the walls of Currey Ingram. Listen as they share the challenges, pleasant surprises and silver linings of the year. You also will hear how continuity was sustained at Currey Ingram as staff and students navigated this challenging year and why Dr. Mitchell calls it a “buggy” year.

Episode 20

Episode 20 - Understanding Teens
The teen years are complex. They present challenges that can be difficult to understand. Cohosts, Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher, are joined by Levi Hamilton, Upper School Dean of Students, in a conversation about teens. They dive into topics about the value of being bored, the need to understand perspective taking, and the purpose of allowing teens the time to rebound, rest, and recover.

Episode 19

Episode 19 - Summer programs: Meet new friends, try new things, and prevent summer learning loss
Summer is a great time for students to play outside, have fun, and in some cases, get needed intervention through programs like our ADHD and ASD Summer Treatment Programs. Listen as camp program directors Regan Humphrey and Nick Quijano join podcast co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher to discuss Currey Ingram's many different summer programs. Listeners also will hear an unexpected new fact about Dr. Mitchell as he shares a favorite summer camp memory.

Episode 18

Episode 18 - Even You Have the Power to be a Superhero!
In this week's episode, three Upper School students join our co-hosts as they spend some time reflecting on the deeper meanings of superheroes. In March, the Upper School students had the privilege of hearing from Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director for Marvel Games, as he provided an inspiring webinar about how he turned his love of comics into a meaningful career, the value of pursuing your passions, and the meaningful messages within superhero characters. Marvel superheroes entertain us, but they also celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and inspire connection. Our Upper School students resonated with Rosemann’s message, and reflect on the messages they walked away with, including the belief that anyone has the power to be a superhero.

episode 17

Episode 17 - Alumni: How was Currey Ingram influential in your journey?
Co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher welcome Currey Ingram alumni, Ben Davis and Jackson Short to reflect about their time at Currey Ingram Academy. They share the importance of small classroom environments and not being afraid to ask for help. In this episode, we also introduce a new and recurring topic that covers what students and parents around Currey Ingram are saying, such as a Lower School student's favorite things about the school and an impactful story from a Middle School family.

episode 16

Episode 16 - The Importance of Executive Function Skills
It is said that executive function (EF) skills -- the basic skills used to complete everyday tasks -- are more predictive of success in school and life than an IQ score. In this episode, Dr. Jane Hannah, Upper School Division Head, and Dr. Danielle Barton, Lower School Division Head, discuss the importance of explicit EF instruction within the school setting, key components that support EF development, and real life stories of how EF challenges can present in the day to day, with co-hosts Dr. Mitchell and Courtney Gallaher.

Episode 15

Episode 15 - Have you had the "Tech Talk?"
Trying to control screen time for children in the age of COVID-19 has become a nightmare for many parents. This episode is a discussion with our resident technology experts that explores current research, as well as practical tips, on how to develop healthy digital habits for the entire family. Additionally, Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Vinson are joined by a new co-host, Courtney Gallaher, Director of Community Outreach.

Episode 14

Episode 14 - Resolutions
In this first episode of the new year, Dr. Mitchell and Mr. V talk about resolutions for the school, as well as hear from others in the CIA community with regards to what they resolve to do in 2021. Dr. Mitchell strategically addresses school initiatives and forecasts even better days ahead for the Mustangs as we continually adhere to our mission - empowering students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential.

Episode 13

Episode 13 - Understanding and Supporting Adopted Students
Every person’s birth, family of origin and early experiences shape the person they grow into. Understanding the unique neurochemical, psychological and holistic developmental considerations that frequently accompany adoption is crucial for those who love, teach and care for adopted students. Miranda Pool, M.Ed., NCC, Frist Chair of Social-Emotional Learning at Currey Ingram Academy, lends her expert advice and provides a glimpse into her current work in this area.

Episode 12

Episode 12 - 2020: It Wasn't All Bad
Head of School Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Director of Residential Life, Eric Vinson, take some time to reflect on the first half of the school year. Though 2020 brought unexpected challenges, the hosts delightfully point out 20 noteworthy items and moments from the past semester. Shout-outs, stories, secrets ... This episode is packed full of goodness, not to mention a visit from special guest John Ingram, businessman, philanthropist, and owner of Nashville SC.

Episode 11

Episode 11 - A Multidisciplinary Look at Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the primary challenges facing students today. How does one know the root of anxious behavior? Our panel of experts provide insight, and delineate whether it is psychologically-based anxiety -- a result of sensory processing challenges -- or poor language skills. Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson are joined by a psychologist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist who elaborate on each area of concern and facilitate further discussion on this important topic.

Episode 10

Episode 10 - Dyslexia, Part 2
Back by popular demand, Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson interview current faculty and staff to discuss the more practical elements of a dyslexic profile. What are the early warning signs? What are the worthwhile interventions? Are there connections to handwriting? Our panel for this episode includes Courtney Gallaher, Occupational Therapist and Director of the Annette Eskind Institute of Learning; Mary Jackson, Lower School teacher; and Allison Johnson, Middle School teacher.

Episode 9

Episode 9 - Student Voices
Dr. Jeff Mitchell sits down with the true stars of any school show -- the students. A student representative from each division talks about his or her Currey Ingram journey. Also, Dr. Mitchell discusses the state of the school thus far, specifically how it continues to thrive during a season seemingly dominated by COVID-19.

Episode 8

Episode 8 - Resilience
While we all face traumas, adversity, and stress in our lives, 2020 has placed unique strains on our ability to cope. In this episode, we discuss resiliency and the factors that affect how different students adapt to life-changing situations with experts from the Currey Ingram Diagnostic Center: Dr. Allison Bender, Ph.D., HSP; Jennifer Seay, M.A.; and Dr. Emily Kirk, Ph.D., HSP.

Episode 7

Episode 7 - Dyslexia: Some Recent Findings
Approximately 20 percent of the Currey Ingram student body (about 60 students in 2020-21) has a primary diagnosis of dyslexia, so understanding the latest research is incredibly important. Following a presentation he gave within the Annette Eskind Institute of Learning, Dr. Mitchell briefly unpacks recent notable findings, then engages in conversation regarding reading challenges with Mr. Vinson and two Upper School students.


Episode 6 - Music & Cinematography
Veteran Currey Ingram educator, Sean Kelly, joins hosts Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson to discuss the multifaceted arts program at the school. Kelly gives insight into how the longstanding broadcasting class, "CIA News," came to be, as well as updates regarding the new Creative Technology and E-Sports signature program. No green screen necessary in recording this episode -- merely a little old fashioned conversation.


Episode 5 - Mustang Athletics
Kelly Fish, Director of Athletics (5-12) and Director of Strategic Initiatives sits down with Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson to discuss all things Mustang Athletics. What benefits exist within an education-based athletic model? How is COVID-19 reshaping school athletic opportunities? Plus, the answer to the lingering question, "When is Currey Ingram getting a pool?"


Episode 4 - Residential Life
Learn about how the new boarding program came to fruition at Currey Ingram. Listen to Dr. Mitchell answer the question, "Why boarding?" and hear from Eric Vinson, Director of Residential Life and Reid McFadden, Assistant Director of Residential Life. Daniel Miller, the first enrolled boarding student, discusses why he is excited for this brand new, transformative extension of the school's mission.

Episode 3

Episode 3 - Dawn Pilotti Discusses Mathematical Challenges
Middle School Math Teacher and newly-appointed Faculty Chair for Mathematics, Dawn Pilotti, sits down with Dr. Mitchell and Eric Vinson for a conversation that is bound to give all listeners greater understanding of the mathematical challenges for students with learning differences, as well as insight into the latest research.

Episode 2

Episode 2 - Miranda Pool Discusses Anxiety
Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson sit down with Lower School Counselor and newly-appointed Frist Chair of Social Emotional Learning Miranda Pool for a conversation surrounding anxiety. What is it? What does it look like? How is it manifesting during such uncertain times? Ms. Pool offers therapeutic insight, in addition to tangible tips, as to how to best support both our children and ourselves.

Episode 1

Episode 1 - Community 'Thank You' 
In this inaugural episode, "Shout Outs," Head of School Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Eric Vinson, Lower School Assistant Division Head and Director of Residential Life, discuss the school's response to the current worldwide pandemic, specifically highlighting the efforts of many within the Currey Ingram community.

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Currey Ingram Academy is an exemplary PreK-12 day and boarding school that empowers students with learning differences to achieve their fullest potential. Since 2002, the school has been located on an 83-acre campus in Brentwood, Tennessee, just miles from Nashville and Franklin. Families from 33 states and eight countries cite the school as their primary reason for moving to Middle Tennessee.

Currey Ingram Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and AdvancEd/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).