Alumni Spotlight: Ivy Arnold WSN '92

Shannon Polk, Director of Development
Meet Ivy Arnold. Ivy was a student at WSN from 1986-1992. A graduate from Belmont University, Ivy has been selling and developing real estate now since 2002. Click here to read more about Ivy Arnold.
When did you attend WSN/CIA?
I went to Westminster School of Nashville from 1986–1992.

What is your most memorable experience from WSN/CIA?
Everyone at Westminster was a family. I knew everyone in my class and most everyone in upper and lower school. I have fond memories of having Grandparents Day in the basement of the school, located by the gym. The first day I walked into Currey Ingram, I was amazed at the beautiful facilities my children now get to enjoy.

What is your current involvement with WSN/CIA?
I currently serve as a Lower School Chair for the Currey Ingram Annual Fund, but I would love to get more involved, especially with alumni events. I played basketball for Westminster and was a cheerleader. I have some great Bobcats pictures and even my old cheerleading outfit!

What is one piece of advice you would give to current Currey Ingram students and families?
I wouldn't be where I am today without the attention, love, and successful learning tools that Westminster/Currey Ingram instilled in me.

I was taught every day that I should focus on what I excelled at and continue to push myself in areas I needed work on. My advice is never think you can't because you can and will. Don't give in to the small voice in your head that says you can’t do something. That's how I operate every day of my business and life. If a door gets shut I open the next, and typically it has a better outcome. I try to never let any upset in my life define who I am or where I am.

Please elaborate on your academic / social experiences at WSN/CIA and then in college.
It was hard being one of four kids and being the only child with a different way of learning. I had two older sisters that were in school at other area independent schools, both in honors programs. I was taught that there were some things I was always going to succeed in and others that I would have to work a little harder for. High school was a challenge and then college was the hardest, yet most rewarding, learning experience of my life. I graduated from Belmont University with a double degree (a six-year program) in four years. My last semester I took 27 hours and made all As! I graduated college before both my older sisters. I believe it was because I knew I had to work harder than most college students and that it wouldn't come easy. Instead of missing classes I was at every class. The Westminster family taught me at a young age that if you show up and put forth effort, in the end you will succeed.

What did WSN/CIA do for you?
I don't know where I would be today without Westminster. I was taught to be proud of the way I learned and to be different; to go for things no one else thought possible because I had already beaten the odds. There isn't a day I don't wake up and think about Westminster and how it changed my thoughts and my parents’ ideas of the labels I had been given.

What has been the most interesting and exciting thing you've done thus far in your life?
I have to say having children is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Watching them walk into Currey Ingram every day is a huge feeling of achievement. I know they are getting the attention and love they need.

My kids would tell you the most exciting thing would have been the TV shows we filmed for HGTV and Bravo for real estate. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world to watch me on HGTV.

I would recommend that every student go live abroad if they have the opportunity. That was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. Waking up in Italy, France, and Spain and enjoying different cultures changed my life.

Where did you enroll in college? Why did you choose that college?
I enrolled and graduated from Belmont University. I was raised in the music business. My father was one of my best friends. We often spent time talking about colleges my junior and senior years. After visiting Parsons and College of Charleston, I decided Belmont was a better fit. The small class sizes and the size of the campus made me fall in love with the idea. I am so glad I made this call because college was challenging enough. Adding a whole new city and group of friends would have been very difficult.

When did you graduate and what was your major/minor?
I graduated in 2002, two months before I lost my dad. I am so happy that he was able to see me graduate and beat all the odds I was given as a child. I have a business degree with a marketing emphasis, with a music business minor.

Where are you currently employed? What are your future plans?
I have been selling and developing real estate now since 2002. I love my job because I am always on the go and there is NEVER a dull moment. I love watching a neighborhood that started with nothing become fully developed. I love helping families move into their dream homes or help someone move on to another city and career. Almost two years ago, I co-founded Parks in the Gulch and have since been a Realtor in that office. As one of the founders of the office, I am always learning everything I can about our growing, beautiful city. I love my job and don't see myself making a career move. The journey to where I am now wasn't easy. It was the bumps that made me who and where I am today. Enjoy your bumps and learn from them because they will keep you going throughout this journey.

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